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About us

Coming from a family of fashion designers, dressmakers, tailors and artists, Alexa always had a passion for fashion - shopping, styling and accessorizing. After finding such a limited selection of beautiful couture for her dogs and cats, she decided to offer a stylish selection of the world’s coolest pet clothes via the Internet. Modern Tails opened its pet boutique in 2004.

Eskimo is our social media vixen. Everyday Eskimo forces us to watch endless hours of kitten videos on YouTube. If you stop, she’ll headbutt your hand and paw at the mouse. She loves sharing links on Facebook with all our friends and hopes you’ll come join us. Aside from cute, informative and newsworthy, she’ll also post some deals and steals, giveaways and contests!
Maddie is our customer service helper. She loves to make people happy! Besides the tons of licks and kisses, she rolls on her back and always bends over backwards - just like our customer service team to make sure you’re always satisfied with your purchase.
Atticus is the shipping assistant. He loves to sit in cardboard boxes, lids, packing slips, invoices - if it’s a paper product, he’s there sitting in or on it. His favorite hangout is the mail room, where he makes sure every customer order is packed correctly with love.
Kuma is the newest addition to the team and our resident product tester. Even though she’s still just a puppy, she has a great sense of style and rigorously test our products for exceptional quality. Kuma loves to try on new looks from the freshest designers and particularly adores hats that complement her ears.